We lead the “hot” clients to your site

Work stages

Tuning and starting of the advertizing campaign

  1. We analyze the site and prepare a list of key phrases.
  2. We make advertisements.
  3. We define the list of negative keywords.
  4. We tune and start an advertising campaign.
  5. We develop a campaign for the advertising network of Yandex or Google.
  6. We start retargeting (accompanying advertising allows to increase the conversion by offer to buyers who visited the site, but drop a bid).
  7. We open access to Yandex.Direct statistics.
  8. We form a detailed portrait of the target audience.
  9. We start a promotion on profile segments of requests.
  10. We start a promotion on near-semantic segments (promotion on segments which initially is not target, but also can contain target audience).

Management of context avrtisement

  1. We control the optimal rates.
  2. We control the optimal positions.
  3. We turn off irrelevant sites.
  4. We disable irrelevant keywords.
  5. We make an A / B-testing of the advertisement (several headers of the advertisement and several texts, periodically arranged in various ways, to choose the most optimal and effective announcement).
  6. We control the budgets of advertising campaigns.
  7. We provide weekly reports on the work of the advertizing campaign.

Tariffs for creation and management

Advertizing campaign on Yandex and Google

Creation and starting of advertizing campaign

Tuning, starting, management on the first month.

Management of context advertizing

Management of the advertizing campaign from the second month.

Discount for management on the second search system
% 50

Ordering an ad tuning and starting, you have 50% discount for the second search system.