Some of our clients don’t understand what is a strategy and why the work is better with it. Strategy is an instruction of interaction between the agency and the client: you get a model of promotion in social networks and see the whole project – from its starting point to the main goals.

The strategy contains the following blocks.

  • Goals of social media promotion.
  • Segmentation of the targeted audience: geography, age, sex, social status, etc., the main target groups of clients.
  • Needs of audience, unobvious human needs (the satisfaction of these needs will affect consumers’ behavior and motivation to buy).
  • Behavior of competitors in social media.
  • Offering optimal social media and tools to achieve the goals. 
  • Offering the concept of community development.
  • A content strategy: type, message, and content stylistics for each audience segment; examples of contests and activities; a content plan for 3 months.
  • Concept of communities’ design and brand’s content (variants of community design, branding of posts etc).
  • KPI and estimation methods for KPI, a work plan.
  • A budget.

The results

  • A clear and verifiable plan for promotion.
  • Content plan for several months.
  • Examples of posts and options for visualizing communities.
  • Saving time and budget (we determine the shortest and most effective way to achieve your goals).

Deadline: up to 14 working-days.

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The goal of branding in social media is to create a recognizable design of the group and content and to simplify the contact of the potential buyers with your brand. People are more willing to enter in the communities with good-looking design, it’s easier for users to decide on buying and long “relations” with the business.

The results

  • Design layout of cover and community avatar.
  • Design layout of post illustrations for main headings.
  • Design layout of covers for goods.
  • Community which is completely ready to work, with a moderator, a block of goods, an information about the company, links to other communication channels of the brand.

In addition, we can prepare the design of the group menu and convert it to wiki-format, or make a dynamic cover, which is regularly updated itself according to the specified parameters.

Dedline: up to 12 working days.

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You can use a sledge-hammer to crack a nut, but it’s not very effective. We show your advertising to those who can really become your buyer.

Our work is divided into several stages. Each of them is important for the success of the entire campaign.

Preparatory works

  • We gather the warmest target audience and find those people who are ready to go to the site, to buy, or to join the group.
  • We create and tune advertisements. We will analyze needs of all your buyers and show them a relevant ad.
  • We perform A / B testing on small budgets. To save customer funds, we test each ad format in real time. Inefficient ads are immediately disabled, we develop and improve only effective ads.
  • We analyse the results and search which groups of people responded best and on which announcements. We give the final forecast of the cost of the subscriber or the transition to the site.

Deadline of preparatory work is the first month of cooperation.


You receive leads (subscribers, buyers from the site) already in the first month of cooperation, but in the future the result will be adjusted towards cheaper cost of the lead.

Main works

  • We develop the advertising campaign. On this stage we show the best ads to the most interested groups of the target audience.
  • We continue daily correction of ads for even better results.
  • In parallel, we test new ad formats and show them to new audiences.

At the end of each period of work, you receive full reporting on the advertizing campaign: the budget spent, the number of users who saw the advertisement, the number of people who made the targeted action (clicked to the site, joined the group), and other indicators.

The results

  • New buyers.
  • New subscribers in the group.
  • Relevant traffic to the site.
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The community management includes a full range of work with the group and subscribers.

  • Every day we publish posts, which are 90% unique (according to and coordinated with you.
  • We prepare situational publications (when newsbreak appear, we quickly create an actual post).
  • We ask all the users’ questions (according to the given list of FAQ), we involve them in communication.
  • We support the interest of your customers, create discussions and surveys, play games and quizzes, organize contests (1 time in 1 month).
  • We remove spam and neutralize the negative immediately, we translate it into neutral or positive tone.
  • We will coordinate content 2 times a month, and send the material in advance. You don’t need to think about the group every day, we will do everything ourselves. Usually, after 2-3 pools, our content is returned from customers without changes, which means a significant saving of your time.
  • Each month, you receive a detailing report which clearly explains what results the group has achieved, which steps are recommended in the future.

Strategies we don't practice

  • Different forms of “cheating” subscribers, likes, comments, reposts.
  • Removing the negative. We work with each negative comment and shift it into positive one.
  • Spam to other communities.
  • Reposts from other groups with zero percent of originality.
  • Meaningless spam-posts: “Good morning!”, “Good evening!”, “Smile!”, etc.
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