For every owner of a Telegram channel aiming to develop their channel and earn from it, it is crucial to monitor and analyze their audience statistics.


Audience statistics on Telegram help in determining:

  • The most popular channels and topics;
  • User activity;
  • User geography;
  • Where new subscribers are coming from.

Telegram statistics can be beneficial for both users and administrators of channels and bots.

  1. Channel administrators use statistics to analyze their audience’s behavior and identify the most effective methods for attracting and retaining subscribers. They can track which posts and topics generate the most interest and at what times of the day and week subscribers are most active.
  2. Users can study statistics for potential collaborations, such as mutual promotion and paid advertising.
  3. Bots can leverage statistics to understand how frequently people use them and which features are most popular. This allows bots to optimize their capabilities and enhance the user experience.

Important! In Telegram, statistics are visible only for channels with a minimum of 50 subscribers. Group statistics are available only for groups with at least 500 members. Information on statistics is visible only to owners and administrators.

Methods of Analytics Collection

Method 1: Manual

To view Telegram audience statistics, follow these steps:

  • Open the Telegram application on your device;
  • Click on the name of the channel/group;
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner;
  • Select the “Statistics” section.

What can you see in the statistics?

  • Number of channel subscribers;
  • Total views of all channel messages;
  • Average views per user;
  • Most popular messages by views;
  • Geography of channel users;
  • User activity (when they are most and least active);
  • Hourly views (peak viewing times);
  • Information about new subscribers (where they came from, devices used for Telegram);
  • Audience growth chart (dynamics);
  • Dynamics of subscriber subscriptions and unsubscribes;
  • Notifications (how many subscribers enabled or disabled channel notifications).

Method 2: Using the @datafan_bot

With this method, you can view not only your own statistics but also that of your competitors.

DataFan_Bot is a bot that provides information about the statistics of Telegram channels. It allows you to find out the number of subscribers, views, audience geography, and other data.

To use DataFan_Bot, first, find it on Telegram by entering @DataFan_Bot in the search bar. Once you’ve found the bot, start a conversation with it.

Initiate a dialogue and select the “pagestat” command → send the channel link in the format or @datafan_bot.

Method 3: TgStat Service

TgStat is a Telegram statistics service that also allows viewing statistics. Unlike the methods mentioned above, TgStat enables the analysis of competitors and identifies the most popular topics on Telegram.

What will competitor analysis provide?

  • Determining your niche and audience: You can study which channels in your niche are the most popular, the topics they cover, and define your target audience.
  • Studying promotion strategies: Analyze the promotion methods used by competitors and adapt them for your channel.
  • Developing unique content: Analyzing competitors will help you identify the most popular content among your audience and create unique and interesting posts.
  • Improving interaction with subscribers: You can use competitor data to enhance interaction with your audience, for example, by conducting surveys or creating interactive content.

In general, competitor analysis on Telegram can help you define your niche, develop an effective promotion strategy, and create unique and appealing content for your audience.

The service provides channel data such as:

  • Subscribers (quantity, growth, decline);
  • Channels with artificial inflation (marked with a red label);
  • Aggregate data on audience, coverage, engagement;
  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Citation index (calculated based on the analysis of all channel mentions);
  • External traffic;
  • Advertising efficiency.

In addition, TgStat offers tools for finding channels and groups for advertising, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of conducted campaigns. Note: In the free version, data quantity and functionality are limited; a paid subscription costs 2490 rubles per month as of the article release date.

There are other services similar in functionality to TgStat, such as Telemetr. However, in our opinion, TgStat is the most convenient and has the largest channel database. Unlike the example, TgStat also provides basic free functionality.

In conclusion, we have discussed the most popular methods of audience analytics on Telegram. We covered manual and automated methods through specialized services, both free and paid. Try different methods and choose the ones that are optimal for you.

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